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  • Isobel Coughlan

Your Brand Image: Psychology of Color

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Are you ready to get creative with color? When you start designing your branding and packaging, the colors you use will affect your brand’s performance more than you know.

Color theory and business combine to affect consumers more than they realize, but you can use this to your benefit. With a simple understanding of the psychology of color, you can boost your customer retention and provide an overall better experience for customers.

Keep reading to discover what colors your business should be using!


What Is The Psychology Of Color?

Colors are powerful and can evoke certain emotions. Therefore, when used in branding, color can make your customer feel a certain way about your brand.

For example, red can signify passion and excitement. Orange can show playfulness and friendliness. Light blue shows trust and openness. Green can evoke growth, stability, and prosperity. Yellow shows youth and optimism. Dark blue can show professionalism and security. There are many more examples, but these are some of the most common colors in branding.

Think of all the social media that use a light blue branding color, subconsciously making you think of trust, openness, and connections!

It’s time to start using the power of color in your brand identity, keep reading to find out more!

Color And The Customer

Choosing the right color for your brand depends on the type of customer you want to attract.

Are your target market customers who like luxury products? Purple is a good color to signify creativity and wealth. Or would you rather attract down-to-earth consumers who want natural products? Green would be a better option here.

You need to have a good idea of the demographic you’re trying to acquire before you start your branding. Once you know who you’re trying to appeal to, you can curate your brand image with their needs in mind.

Packaging And Unboxing

The packaging you choose can lead to a memorable unboxing experience for your customer. Giving a tangible experience leaves customers more likely to become emotionally attached to your brand.

Unboxing an item is a physical experience online products can’t compete with - so make sure you capitalize on it!

Customer satisfaction from high-quality packaging experiences improves customer retention, customers are more likely to leave 5* reviews, and 76% of customers are more likely to recommend a brand with custom packaging.

Unique packaging can be as simple as choosing branded tissue paper in your signature colors. However, you can go as far as inserting extra gifts or personalized messages into the parcel to ensure customers remember your service.

The Importance Of A Branded Experience

A branded experience will ensure your product is remembered by your customer. This makes them more likely to leave great reviews, tell friends, and return for more sales.

Improving your customer satisfaction through unboxing and packaging strategies is an underrated way to boost your sales and overall revenue.

Want to find out more ways you can improve your e-commerce business? Let us help you! See our services here.

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