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  • Isobel Coughlan

Unboxing: The Unforgettable Experience

Receiving gifts or parcels is always a great experience. However, some unboxing experiences are more memorable than others.

Creating an excellent unboxing experience is essential to boosting customer retention, sales, and even 5* reviews.

Want to learn more about unboxing? Read on to learn more.

What Is A Post-Purchase Experience?

When a customer has purchased a service or product from your brand, it’s important to keep up the great customer service to ensure they still have a great experience up until the point they receive the product!

This can be done through various methods like personalizing delivery, sending follow-up emails, loyalty rewards, and also a great unboxing experience!

Improving Your Unboxing Strategy

Put yourself into the customer’s shoes. Would you prefer a generic cardboard box with your order or packaging with unique branding?

Though both types of packaging contain the same product, they make a big difference to the post-purchase experience and the general customer experience too.

Customers will have a better experience with unique branding as they are receiving a high-quality, personalized service. This will be more memorable and is more likely to keep the customer loyal to your service.

Whether you add signature colors, unique tissue paper, or personalized cards in the packaging - it makes a big difference to the customer!

Why Is It Important?

An unboxing experience with some strategy is worth investing in. Here are some of the key benefits to improving your packaging and brand identity!

Youtube Unboxing Phenomenon

Believe it or not, there’s a large community on Youtube that shares and watches unboxing videos. There are even some unboxing videos that have been viewed 1.1 million times, so it’s safe to say packaging can’t be ignored in the branding process!

User-Generated Content

Using packaging with your brand identity on it will inspire customers to share their experiences. When they unbox your products and post them, you can re-share their photos as free social media content to boost your social media pages.


It’s true that a tangible unboxing experience with branded packaging is more memorable for customers. This also means that they’ll be more likely to leave a 5* customer review for the unique service!

Going Viral

If your customer shares your unboxing experience on social media, it has the chance to go viral and reach a large audience. Make sure your brand identity is perfect for your consumer for the change to reach new markets!

Rival Competitors

E-commerce business owners will already know that you need to stay ahead of competitors in every aspect. Creating a superior unboxing experience will place you above similar brands.


Customer loyalty is always the goal. Within e-commerce, customer retention can drive the success of your brand. Giving customers unique experiences will keep them coming back for more. This is also a great way to create advocates for your services.

The Takeaway

Since the post-purchase experience gets so much attention online, brand owners can’t ignore the importance of providing stellar packaging for a great unboxing experience. Use this attention to hook customers, boost sales, and increase traffic!

Want some help to create the best unboxing experience? Let us help! Find out more about our services here.

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