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How-To Generate More 5* Star Reviews And Why You Need Them Now

Updated: Sep 29, 2021

Nothing is more important than 5-star reviews for your business.

If you’re trying to hook more potential customers, one key area that shouldn’t be overlooked is customer reviews. These can persuade an on-the-fence buyer into purchasing your services, as they give a human insight into your business. Research has shown time and time again that customer reviews are vital to e-commerce businesses, so it’s time to focus on boosting yours!

But how do you actually get customers to leave great reviews? Read on to find out why reviews are important and find out how to get 5* feedback.

Why Does Your Store Need Reviews?

Did you know that 90% of shoppers read reviews before visiting a business? And a further 88% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations? Reviews can be the fine line between a new sale or not, so if you aren’t already focusing on them, it’s time to start!


How To Get Reviews

Do you want to start generating more reviews? Here are some strategies to start today!

Provide A Post-Purchase Unforgettable Experience

When was the last time you received an order that had great packaging or inserts?

Many eCommerce businesses tend to neglect this step, but it’s so important to guarantee customer satisfaction. Whether you opt for personalized print inserts or spend extra on high-quality personalized packaging, these seemingly small details make a big difference.

Try Post-Interaction Email

Once the purchase is made, use this time to send unique emails to your customers. You can create post-purchase emails that automatically reach your customer after purchase or even one or two weeks after delivery. This is a great way to subtly remind them to leave an online review.


Product sampling can actually increase sales, boost brand awareness, and build up customer loyalty. This process works well with new products before a launch, or it can drive fresh content on existing products. If you want to connect with customers and build a great relationship — this is a good approach to take!

Social Media Engagement

Social media is a tool that can’t be ignored. As the world is now online, you can use this tool to market your business to the right demographics. The more known your business is, the more likely you are to get sales and reviews!

Incentivize Reviews

Customers are more likely to leave a great review if they get something in return. Loyalty programs and point earning strategies are great ways to promote reviews for your business. “Enter-to-win” programs that need a product review to enter are also great ways to generate more reviews.

Simply Ask!

Asking your customers directly is a simple way to build up your reviews. Always be polite when asking and use unique ways to persuade buyers to leave feedback. Great ways to ask are via emails, through SMS, or through direct mail print.

Use Reviews For Marketing Material

Have you seen ads with customer testimonials? These are a great way to get customers to trust your services before even purchasing them. Humans are 66% more likely to trust consumer reviews, so why hide them away on your website?

Get Started Today!

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