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Who are you?

We are a team of entrepreneurs with 40+ years of combined experience in various industries, including beauty, technology, retail and wholesale. We have worked with Fortune 100 companies and off-the-ground startups. Some of us have found our own companies that have grown to be 6 & 7 figure businesses. 


Our team is located across the country, from NYC to Seattle to California. We're a creative, curious mix of industry veterans who take pride in doing great work—while enjoying a variety of interests outside the office - moms, dads, jet-setters, outdoor-lovers, theater-goers, pet-owners, gamers, aspiring perfumers. 


What do you do?

We help beauty brands deliver the brand experience to their customers and ultimately grow their sales. We warehouse and ship your products on-brand and with a customer-focused mindset. 

We treat fulfillment as a tech startup - We use analytics coupled with your insights to iterate, refine and tweak the unboxing experience. The result is consistent monthly sales growth - activating your customers to shop more, more frequently, and refer more, ultimately, transforming customers into loyal brand advocates and social influencers.


How does that work?

We start by asking lots of questions and reviewing your data. We decide on a few key metrics critical to your success and design the unboxing experience accordingly. We work together with the brand to dial in the details and put a system in place to constantly measure and iterate.


We'll receive your stock and start fulfilling your orders while consistently evaluating and improving your key metrics.


​Consider it done: 100% and real-time transparency with 24/7/365 access to your inventory, order management, purchase orders, management and operational reports, and more via our web-based platform.​

Where is your warehouse located?

Our warehouses are located in CA, NJ, and TX - within close proximity to major ports and airports for efficient receiving and a more affordable, and speedy delivery.

Are your prices competitive?

Although we are not your usual 3PL service provider, as we pride ourselves on being your trusted customer-focused, key metrics logistics partners, our prices are highly competitive. 

We provide all the standard logistics services for free (storage, receiving your stock handling). You only pay us a fee when we ship out an order. We believe this unique business model aligns our interests with yours - we are incentivized to help you sell more.


I'm a startup beauty brand. When should I start?

We work with smaller brands, only shipping a handful of orders per week to large companies, shipping over a thousand orders per day. Our large clients started with us on small scale, and together we’ve celebrated exponential growth! We align our process and business model to support startup brands on their path to success - this is the DNA of ETrade!


Do you offer sustainable packaging?

We offer the world's most sustainable packaging options- recycled, recyclable, and naturally biodegradable packaging to ensure you can be proud of how you ship. These materials are free and non-branded. 

We also design and manufacture eco-friendly branded packaging, tissue, stickers, stamps cards, and more - your options are endless.

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