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Since launching our fulfillment business in 2018, Etrade Universe has developed and grown, mostly because of achieving a relentless focus on our customer's growth. 
Our founder, Haim, started his first e-commerce experience in 2003. Steadily, he grew multiple wholesale and retails online-focused businesses serving thousands of businesses and millions of consumers. Back then, e-commerce was much easier with low advertising costs. Today, entrepreneurs and businesses, are facing a highly competitive market.
65% of customers do not trust advertising and sponsored social media ads and instead trust referrals (55%) and customer reviews (45%; Source: Hubstop research 2018). Focusing on customer loyalty, customer lifetime value, brand story, and customer experience is essential to survive in a competitive eCommerce market.
Considering this, Haim and his partners developed ways to personalize order shipments at scale as measured by the uptick in 5-star reviews, referrals, and social media content generated by customers. 
Our focus today is supporting US-based businesses experiencing difficulties in maintaining timely and quality fulfillment.


Founder and CEO

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